Antigama (PL), Redemptor (PL), Shodan (PL) + support

Get ready to rinse your ears with acid, dry your hair with a shotgun blast and get a full-body massage by a steamroller! We’re bringing best of Polish modern extreme metal to Hradec Králové.
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Antigama from Warsaw were among the first to play technically demanding, experimental grindcore 20 years ago. Not bothering with genre labels, they absorb everything into their style, from chaotic rhythmic contortions, primal ferocity, to jazzy, melodic moments to catch your breath. They set the bar pretty high, but thanks to their extraordinary musicianship, they surpass it with the grace of a bulldozer. Their drummer Pavulon, in particular, is one of the beast at least in Europe, as evidenced by his membership and guest appearances in bands such as Vader, Decapitated, Belphegor, Obscure Sphinx and Batushka. He has even played with the legendary Lamb of God on one tour. Antigama also contributed to the soundtrack for Cyberpunk 2077.

Cracow’s Redemptor have evolved into one of the most interesting bands in atmospheric, progressive/technical death metal in over 20 years of existence. They like to develop their take on the twisted, constricting dissonance of the likes of Ulcerate, Morbid Angel and Gorguts, then floor the gas pedal in a more traditional death metal vein, or dispel the fog of gloom with a melodic solo. In their ranks we again find top musicians with years of experience from bands like Decapitated and Hate.

Talent is pouring out of Wrocław’s Shodan – their members are weathered by their time in leading Polish bands like Hate and Banisher. Shodan’s music is packed to the brim with ideas and variety, while never losing energy. Their style is modern, at times technical, and they’re even not afraid of atmospheric passages. Riffs reminding Decapitated, occasionally complemented by the grooves of Gojira, with a hint of Hour of Penance or Rivers of Nihil. Their third album None Shall Prevail will be released exactly on the day of the concert.

The evening will be opened by brutal death metal band Prolapsed. In the words of a reviewer from Deadly Storm Zine: “Personally, I love the enthusiasm, the precisely targeted riffs, the cruelty and filthiness I feel from each motif. Have you ever gotten punched in the solar plexus and couldn’t breathe for a while? That’s exactly how “The Condemned” (their latest album) affects me. Prolapsed simply know how to get under my skin and I give them all the thumbs up for that! True brutal death metal carnage!”

18:30 – doors
19:15 – 19:45 | Prolapsed
20:05 – 20:50 | Shodan
21:10 – 21:55 | Redemptor
22:15 – 23:05 | Antigama

Buy your tickets in advance, the venue’s capacity is limited. They’re at a discounted price of 390 CZK up to and including April 14, then in the second wave up to and including May 4 they’re 420 CZK. If there are any left, they will be available at the door for 450 CZK.

The concert will take place in Club Lucie. The nearest public transport stop is Nový Hradec Králové (or Domov důchodců, respectively). Trolleybuses number 1 and 2 will take you there (both run to/from the train and bus stations).