Metal v továrně XIII: KLUVIM (grindcore, Izrael), NŪR (sludge/post-metal, Izrael)

Get your bug-out bag ready, because this Israeli airstrike will leave Hradec Králové in rubble!

Grindcore ferocity, untamable energy, bone-crushing heaviness. That’s Kluvim. Their music combines US grindcore (in the vein of Wvrm or Full of Hell) with blackened sludge. The result is like a punch to the face and could even make a corpse mosh.

The supergroup of Haifa’s underground. NŪR have proven that they are capable of creating songs which sound and feel tight, claustrophobic, and can even elicit a feeling of anxiety within the listener. This is due to their massive style of play, having their music feel as if it is physically in the room with you and when it is, you can barely move.

Time schedule:
18:30 | doors
19:00 – 19:30 | Dewdrop
19:50 – 20:20 | NŪR
20:40 – 21:15 | Kandar
21:35 – 22:00 | KLUVIM

The show ends at 22:00 sharp, which means that you can easily catch trains/buses to surrounding towns.

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